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Jammalamadugu, located in the Kadapa district of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, is a municipality and revenue division of the district. Even though a small town, it is making all efforts to be one of the prominent towns in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also important because it is located close to the sea and hence hopes to become important for trade in the future. The town has a lot of potential and all it needs is to be explored and the resources used. There are three revue divisions and Jammalamadugu is one of them consisting of eighteen mandals under it.

The Jammalamadugu Nagar Panchayat was established in 2005 and spreads over 24.83 square kilometers.

The division has various departments which look after specific areas in order to ensure that the town functions properly and in an orderly manner. These various departments are accounts and audit, administration, education, engineering, public health and sanitation, revenue, town planning and urban poverty alleviation. By dividing the municipality in the numerous departments, the duties are divided thereby enabling adequate working of the division.

Geography of Jammalamadugu

Geographically, it is located at 14.83 N and 78.4 E and is around 554 feet above sea level. The climate of Jammalamadugu is termed as a local steppe climate. It does not receive much rain through the year. The average temperature is 28 degrees. Every year the precipitation amount is around 603 mm with the lowest being in the month of January and highest being in September with 121 mm of precipitation.

There are many villages and towns located near Jammalamadugu. Some of the villages are Ambavaram, Dharmapuram, Moragudi, Devagudi, Gandikota, Peddandlur, Ponnathota, Sirigepalle, Goriganur and few more. Some of the important towns are Atlur, Badvel, Chapad, Duvvur, Chennur, Chitvel and a couple more.

According to the census conducted in 2011, the total population of Jammalamadugu was around 46,000 out of which the percentage of males is 49% and females is 51%. This is very progressive when compared to the country as a whole where the female population is less than the male population most of the times. 11% of the pupylation is under six years of age.

The literacy rate is 79.5% which is higher than the average of the country; the latter being 59.5%. it is no doubt that the states in southern part of India have a higher rate of literacy than the rest of India.

Temples of Jammalamadugu

The state of Andhra Pradesh is known for its temples and its architecture. There are around six temples in Jammalamadugu. They are the Chowdeswari, Gangamma, Anjaneya Swamy, Karryaka Parameshwari, Sri Narapura Swamy and Amba temples.

The temples have their own significance and uniqueness attached to them. Their upkeep and maintenance is perfect which only depicts the faith of the people in the Gods.

Places to visit in Jammalamadugu

The Eswar Reddy Dam is a water reservoir, which is a popular tourist spot especially in the rainy season. It can be reached by auto or bus and hence is easily accessible. An industrial steel plant called the Brahmani Industries Ltd is being constructed and it is going to be the largest steel plant in the entire state.
There are many places near Jammalamadugu, which serve as excellent weekend getaways.  People do not need to travel far for a holiday and can have a relaxing holiday over the weekend.

Hotels in Jammalamadugu

Luckily there are many hotels and lodges in and around Jammalamadugu where people visiting can stay such as :-
  • Apanna Rest House
  • Pujitha Residency
  • Akhila Guest House
  • Sairam Lodge

How to reach Jammalamadugu

Jammalamadugu is conveniently located on the national highway 67. Jammalamadugu railway station is on the Nandyal-Yerraguntla section which comes under the jurisdiction of Guntakal railway division of the South Central Railway zone. Earlier only the Yerraguntla railway line was the main one but later on the Nandyal railway line was commissioned thereby making it easier to reach.

There are also bus services which operate on a daily basis connecting Jammalamadugu to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vijayawada and Kadapa.

It is considered as a gateway from the north to the sacred hill of Pagoda of Tirupati. Many events in mythological characters from the epics have known to have occurred here and in the surrounding areas.

Jammalamadugu Pharmacies and Hospitals

To ensure good health, you have access to many pharmacies and hospitals here. Some of these are-
Apollo Pharmacy
18/33 Tadipatri Road. Jammalamadugu 516434

People’s Care Pharmacy
Tadipatri Road. Jammalamadugu 516434

CSI Campbell Hospital
Jammalamadugu 516434

Madavi Nursing Home
PV Road, Muddanur. Jammalamadugu 516434

Eswara Reddy Hospital
Main Bazaar.Jammalamadugu 516434

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